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International Preschool Summer Camp at BumB!



International Preschool Summer Camp at BumB!


Hello. This is Hayashi from the Dream Kids House staff.


From July 11th, we started our summertime schedule at Dream Kids House.


During summertime, we take a month-long break from our usual busy schedule of English, Intellectual Training, Rhythmics, Dance, etc. to enjoy activities such as playing in the water and creating art.


We also change our daily walks to enjoy play time in the pool during summer. Also, even though it is a relaxing time, we also get to focus on trying new experiences!


Every summer, Dream Kids House holds a 2 day 1 night summer camp.


In 2022, we held our 2 day 1 night summer camp for the Kinder class from July 28th to the 29th. (^^♪


The camp is held at the BumB  Tokyo Sports Culture Hall at Yumenoshima in the Koto-ward of Tokyo.


We have arrived with the usual school bus at Yumenoshima “BumB Tokyo Sports Culture Hall”!


Everyone is so excited ☆彡




We enjoyed rhythmic to the fullest in the large and spacious music studio.


You can move your body to your heart’s content and enjoy rhythmic lessons in BumB’s large and spacious studio.




We divided up into groups with scarves♪ Moving so widely, it sure looks fun!




After lunch, we went to the Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Garden!


After rhythmic, we all ate lunch together. Afterwards when we were full, we went out.


We walked to the Yumenoshima Tropical Botanical Garden, which is a short walk from BumB!




In the large greenhouse, you can experience the tropics by seeing many large plants that inhabit tropical watersides.


Everyone is curious about the plants that they don’t usually see.




We took a bath and had dinner together with our classmates.


After coming back from the botanical garden, we took a refreshing bath! We changed into our pajamas and had dinner together!




Before going to bed, we read an English picture book had had a fun party!


After dinner we brushed our teeth. We read English picture books before going to bed, and we had a blast playing a quiz competition!




After having fun with everyone, it’s time to go to bed. We worked hard all day long, so everyone slept soundly until morning.


The second day started with an English lesson.


When we woke up in the morning, we started the day with an English lesson.




After the English lesson, we got to enjoy gymnastics in a slightly larger room.




After exercising, everyone enjoyed lunch.




After the meal, we prepared to go home, and then the kindergarten bus came to pick us up. We’re going back to Dream Kids House!


It was a lot of fun, and the 2 days just flew by! (^^♪




This year’s we were blessed with good weather at BumB and everyone had a great time.


I think we made more fun memories together than when we were at school. ♪


We are also planning a Sports Day in October. We are looking forward to it!


Dream Kids House is a kindergarten full of all kinds of education.


A native English teacher is assigned to each class as a homeroom teacher, so you can have your child receive English education while attending school.


Because children are exposed to English all day long, they acquire natural English.


In 2023, we will hold an entrance information session.


At the entrance information session, in addition to an introduction to the school, you can experience rhythmic and English performances by the instructors.



We also have fun in English.




October 1st (Sat.)


① 9:00~


② 11:00~


October 23rd (Sun.)


① 13:00~


② 15:00~




International Kindergarten “Dream Kids House” (Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Minamisuna 2-6-3 Sunrise Toyo #401)


5 minute walk from exit A4 of “Toyocho Station” on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Subway Line.



Please experience the school and enjoy yourselves at the kindergarten entrance information session.

Please apply here for the entrance information session for Dream Kids House, an international kindergarten in Koto Ward.